Omega Spółka z o.o.

Omega Sp. z o.o. company was established in the year 2001. The main activity is orientated on renting and managing of the real estate. The company is conducting a wide range of developing activities and managing maintenance and service over its own production plants, warehouses, offices, residential flats, church, embassy etc .The company owns premises in Bydgoszcz, Warsaw and Amsterdam. Our policy and professional approach have proved to be successful in the real estate market through all the years.


The premises

Lelewela 27 Bydgoszcz


The building is located in the residential district consisting of the single-family detached houses dating back to the pre-war and post-war times,  within the distance of 1.5 km from the centre of Bydgoszcz. Usable floor area of the three-storey building is approx. 300 sq m.  Subject of the lease is equipped with the new building elevation, a new roof, an insulated ceiling on the attic, insulated foundations, new window frames, new stone boards on the stairs, on windowsills and landings, made according to the binding standards.
Central heating installation (dual function gas boiler). It is possible to park approx. 5 cars on the premises.
At present, the renovation works are carried out in the building and around it, which means:
a)    fitting the new installations:
- electrical,
- phone,
- lightning protection,
- computer network LAN,
- aerial,
- security alarm system (server room in the archive)
- CCTV cameras,
b)    exchange of water sewage installations and renovation of bathrooms (5 bathrooms and open concept kitchen)
c)    plastering, painting, installing ceramic tiles on walls in bathrooms and in an open concept kitchen,
d)    floor renovation,
e)    entrance to the attic,
f)    installation of outdoor stair railing,
g)    installation of air-conditioning devices,
h)     installation of anti-burglary door.
Rent- net 26.00 PLN/ sq m + utility bills (water, electric power, gas, real estate tax), cleaning and monitoring.
Parking place 100.00 PLN per month.

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