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Omega Sp. z o.o. company was established in the year 2001. The main activity is orientated on renting and managing of the real estate. The company is conducting a wide range of developing activities and managing maintenance and service over its own production plants, warehouses, offices, residential flats, church, embassy etc .The company owns premises in Bydgoszcz, Warsaw and Amsterdam. Our policy and professional approach have proved to be successful in the real estate market through all the years.


Storage building no. 1

ul.Przemysłowa 34 Bydgoszcz

Additional Info

  • Address: ul.Przemysłowa 34 Bydgoszcz
  • Surface: 1.803,33
  • Height: 10,5 m

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 Storage building no. 1

I. Object parameters:
    - footprint area: 1803.33 sq m
    - usable floor area: 1710.18 sq m
    - cubic capacity: 19944.50 sq m
Purpose of the building: storehouse.

II. Flat roof, ceiling:
a) for the whole building
     - PVC membrane, thickness 1.5 mm,
- mineral wool, thickness 15cm,
- PVC foil, thickness  0.25mm,
- T55 trapezoidal metal sheet, thickness 0.75mm,
- hot-rolled steel purlins IPE 180,  
- load-bearing steel lattice structure;

b) over the passage to the transformer station (communication passage)
- PVC membrane, thickness 1.5 mm,
- mineral wool, thickness 15cm,
- reinforced concrete slab, thickness 16 cm,
- lime-cement plaster, thickness 1.5cm;

c) elements of roof transoms
- polycarbonate roof ridge cap 4.2m/50.5m with smoke dampers, evenly distributed,
  active desmoking area of 27.3 sq m.
- smoke dampers, desmoking area of 3.0 sq m each - in total 8 items;

III. External walls
a) external walls non-adjacent to other buildings
- T35 trapezoidal metal sheet,
- PVC foil, thickness  0.25 mm,
- mineral wool, thickness 10 cm,
- C-shaped wall panels, thickness 0.6 mm,
- load-bearing steel structure;

b) external wall adjacent to buildings no. 4 & 5 and to building no. 3
- air gap and plaster-covered polystyrene foam, thickness 10 cm,
- aerated autoclaved concrete wall, thickness 24 cm, with rims, plaster-covered;

c) windows and elements of communication - gates, doors
I. External wall
- pivoting windows at the entrance side, surface of 1.17 m/17.0 m (in two sections),
- panel lift door, 4.0 m/ 4.5 m,
- emergency exit door 90/200;

II. External wall from the side of buildings no. 3, 4 & 5
- no windows,
- fire protection gate 3.60/3.60 m  EI120,
- emergency exit door 90/200  EI120;

d) Concrete floor  (durobeton)  (concrete made as a floor layer thickness of 20 cm
     - a layer of mashed topping wear-resistant surface
     - concrete floor B-30 fiber reinforced stalbet in the amount of 25kg/m3
     - PVC film thickness of 0.25 mm
     - ballast 30cm.
     - maximum load floor of 15 tons/m2.)

e) installations and systems
- hydrant system DN80 and internal hydrants HP52,
- electrical system,
- lighting protection,
- central heating (to be installed according to an individual user's needs),
- natural roof ventilation,
- sanitary system (does not exist);

Other information in the property survey drawing.


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