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Omega Sp. z o.o. company was established in the year 2001. The main activity is orientated on renting and managing of the real estate. The company is conducting a wide range of developing activities and managing maintenance and service over its own production plants, warehouses, offices, residential flats, church, embassy etc .The company owns premises in Bydgoszcz, Warsaw and Amsterdam. Our policy and professional approach have proved to be successful in the real estate market through all the years.


Storage building no. 1

ul.Przemysłowa 34 Bydgoszcz

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  • Address: ul.Przemysłowa 34 Bydgoszcz
  • Surface: 1803,33

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Storage building in Bydgoszcz at Przemysłowa 34, storage surface area 1.800 m² of the galvanized steel construction.

1. Description:
Storage building no. 1, construction without columns on the whole area, measurements: 53.29 m x 33.84 m.
Total surface area of the Storage building- 1,803.33 m².
Storage building working height about 8.27 m.
Total height of the building 10.3 m.
Possibility of storage up to the level of 6 m.
The Storage building is equipped with the overhead crane track,
lifting capacity of max. 20 tons.
Vehicle manoeuvre area near the Storage building,
surface area of approx 1150 m², paved (for heavy construction traffic),
in 30 m-distance there is a loading ramp.

2. Walls:
wall sheathing- cassette + Ruukki metal sheet, insulation of 10 cm Rockmin wool
roof covering- Ruukki trapezoidal sheet, Monrock wool of 15 cm, 
Dorken reinforced PVC membrane of 1,5 mm;
The Storage building is separated from other storage buildings
with a firewall EI 240, equipped with the fire protection double-leaf gate EI 120,
measurements: 3800x3700, and with the fire door EI 120,
measurements: 1000x2050.
From the gable end of the building- a BIG TOR industrial gate,
measurements: 4000x4500 equipped with electric drive,
and a HORMANN steel door with a door-closer.

3. Floor:
Layer structure floor, thickness 20 m:
top layer- abrasion resistant mash layer,
concrete floor B-30 reinforced with steel fibres at the amount of 25kg/ cubic meter,
PVC foil, thickness 0.25 mm,
bedding layer 30 cm.
Maximum floor bearing capacity- up to 15 tons per m².

4. Additional information:
The Storage building is equipped with 8 automated smoke
dampers manufactured by JET Polska.
Natural light- roof ridge skylight (JET Polska) and windows in the gable
end with the electrical opening system for good ventilation (GEZE EOL).
Electric power junction of 250kW provided.

The rent is 20,00 PLN per m² per month.

Additional fees include electric power, water, central heating and real estate tax.

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